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Website Flow

As marketers it is important that our webpages be user friendly and guide the reader. A website without a good ‘flow’ will be of putting to the user and increase the bounce rate for your webpage.

User Experience

A company’s website is often a user’s first impression of a brand. If the landing page is confusing or jumbled it can be offsetting to the user and lead to negative brand opinions. It is important that there is a ‘flow’ to your organizations website that guides a user though the customer journey.  The navigation and menu options must be clear and concise so that users are able to easily find new products and services.

 Overall marketers must work with their web designers to create websites that flow that will guide the user and increase sales.

Blog Post

Google Analytics for Website Optimization

Often the first time an individual interacts with an organization is via their website. Therefore it is important as marketers to ensure websites are well designed and user friendly. Tracking software such as Google Analytics can be used to measure and test elements of your site.

First Impressions 

A website’s landing page gives users their first impression of an organization. An effective landing page will give a user easy access to important links and provide necessary information. 

Tracking Use

Tracking users across an organization’s website can give marketers insight into what is effective and what is not. By collecting metrics on bounce rate, session duration, and additional page views marketers can improve user experience. Testing the effectiveness of links and images in different locations can help marketers design more effective sites.

Google Analytics can help marketers improve user experience and improve usability. A website’s landing page is often the first impression a user has of an organization. Ensuring effective website design is important for an organization to thrive.