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Web Tracking in Public Health Marketing

As public health marketers our job is to disseminate important information to our communities. With so many ways of accessing information on the internet, it is important to track what actions and clicks users take while visiting your organizations web page to improve outcomes. An organizations website can be filled with the most relevant and up to date information, but it is of no use if users do not see it.

Bounce Rate

The goal of an organization’s webpage is to engage users and convey information. However, if your site has a high bounce rate (users exiting your site before triggering any other requests) this is likely not happening. If this is the case a redesign of the landing page is necessary to guide user to the different features of your site in a way that makes them more appealing.

An organizations website can be one of the most useful and versatile tools of a public health marketer. Tracking and reducing the bounce rate on your webpage can make your page more effective and enticing to users. Tracking user activity and adjusting your organization’s landing page can help spread useful information and improve the health of your community.