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Brand Relevance and Marketing

As marketers it is important for our brands to be relevant in the minds of consumers. Given the diverse set of needs in the market today it is helpful to target specific products to specific groups. Period products are marketed to women since women are the primary consumers of these items. While there are many period brands out there, Thinx has made itself relevant through social programs focused on education and equitable access to feminine products.

Target Group

Given that Thinx, sells period underwear their main target market is women and girls during their reproductive years. Thinx even has lines designed for women at different stages of their life to support their reproductive journeys. Thinx(BTWN) is period underwear for tweens & teens, making those first periods easier to manage. Speax by Thinx is absorbent underwear for women that experience bladder leaks, giving women discreate and reliable protection.

Brand Relevance

Thinx has made itself relevant in the minds of consumers by attaching itself to the greater issue of access feminine hygiene products for women and girls around the world. Working with organizations that expand access to feminine products and services makes Thinx stand out from their competitors. While educational programs like Every Body instills trust in the brand and its mission.

Thinx is one of many emerging brands connecting with their audiences through shared values and experiences. They are particularly relevant because they have attached their brand to the broader push for gender equality and equitable access to feminine products, a topic that resonates with their target audience.