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Share of Voice in Public Health Marketing

As public health marketers it is important to get the message out there, we want to make sure that its not drowned out by other agencies or worse, misinformation. With more and more people looking to google for their healthcare questions it is vital that your agency has a large enough share of the market to be noticed. Growing your share of voice is different for every agency, so its important to find what works.

Share of Voice

An organizations share of voice is strongly correlated with its overall market share. For a health agency to have an impact on its community it needs to have a loud enough voice to drown out any competing agencies. However, health agencies often have very restrictive budgets making it important to evaluate your agencies current marketing strategies.

Increasing Share

Although share of voice is calculated by measuring the amount spent on paid advertising, social media has given smaller agencies a fighting chance. Social media networks want to create as much organic engagement as possible. This means that algorithms favor engaging posts and push them to the top of the feed. Smaller agencies can use this as a way to grow their share of voice within budgetary constraints.

An agencies share of voice is important to grow and maintain to ensure its overall market share. Public health marketers must be creative and work within budgetary restrictions to grow their agencies share of voice. An increased share of voice will help an agency to grow and better serve their community.