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Marketing Through Knowledge

As marketers we can use aspects of psychology to change peoples’ attitudes towards our products and services. By tapping into the four functions of attitudes utilitarian, knowledge, value-expressive, and ego defensive, marketers can sway consumers towards their brands. The organic food industry has been able to tap into the knowledge function of attitudes to sway consumers towards their products.

Knowledge Function

The knowledge function of attitudes can help consumers sort through the various options and make a choice. Marketers of organic foods utilize this to promote their products with labels stating that their products are USDA Certified Organic or 100% Natural. It is common knowledge that organic foods are better for your health and the environment. Indicating that a product is organic allows consumers to choose the healthier option while increasing product sales.

Using the knowledge function of attitudes can be used by marketers to sway the actions of consumers. In using functions of attitude, brands can connect their products with the beliefs of consumers. By utilizing buyer psychology, marketers can change peoples’ attitudes in favor of their products.