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COVID’s Effect on Distribution Channels

It has been widely covered that Covid-19 crippled supply chains worldwide. As marketers we must ensure resilient and flexible supply chains to mitigate shortages and curb losses. The healthcare field in particular must ensure that they have the necessary supplies to keep people safe.

Healthcare and Shortages

Over the course of the pandemic hospitals around the world struggled to obtain the PPE necessary to keep their practitioners and patients safe. This has been exaggerated as supply chains become strained and new variants evolve. As marketers we must both increase our inventories and diversify our supply chains to ensure our operations run smoothly. Preparedness and resilience will also help your organization to build trust withing the community and become people’s number one choice for healthcare. 

It is critical that healthcare marketers ensure their facilities have robust and flexible supply chains. This not only ensures the safely of individuals but also builds trust in the brand. Diversifying our supply chains and increasing emergency inventories are necessary for an organizations resilience in today’s global supply network.