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Brand Equity and Public Health

As public health marketers, it is our job to get people to actively make healthy choices and to follow through on those choices with specific actions. This can be difficult however if the community is unaware of your organization and what it has to offer. Therefore, it is important to the brand equity of public health departments in order to increase buy-in and improve the health of communities.


Often branding is not a top priority for health departments. Because of this lack of attention, many people are unaware of the important role that health departments play. Improving awareness of a health department, like any organization, will improve community trust and buy-in. Increasing community engagement both digitally and in person is a good first step to increase the equity of your health department.


Consistent brand messaging across communication channels can build brand equity. Digital platforms attract different demographics and may require slight adjustments to engage with diverse audiences. However, the voice behind messaging should remain consistent across channels.

Improving the health and well-being of communities through meaningful engagement is the foremost goal of health departments. Building the brand equity of health departments can assist with these goals by increasing the community’s awareness and utilization of services. Brand equity is key for a health department to be effective in reaching its goals by solidifying it as a trusted source of information and resources.