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Email Marketing for Public Health

Email marketing can be a helpful tool in ensuring follow-through by members of the public. It is especially helpful in follow-up marketing with existing clients and in continuing contact with the same group of clients over time.


Two of the major Covid-19 vaccines in the US require a second dose. Marketers must remind people of the importance of getting their second dose and make it easy for them to sign up using the information provided for the first one.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can also help increase initial vaccination rates. Now that Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine has been approved for adolescents as young as 12, marketers can start targeting parents with emails to provide information on both how to get their children vaccinated and why it is important.

There are many ways that email marketing can be used to improve the health of our communities. Making it easy and convenient for people to connect with their healthcare agencies will make people more willing to embrace health recommendations.