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Impact of Color in Marketing Communication

Colors can help you connect with your audience’s emotions and expectations. Therefore, it is absolutely critical to be intentional with your color choices when you are developing a new marketing campaign. Color choice can have a huge impact on how people see your product or promotion.

It should be no surprise that products marketing themselves as ‘eco-friendly’ constantly use the color green in their packaging and promotional materials. And companies trying to appeal to female audiences often use pink. Even a lack of color can have a significant impact when used correctly. Commercials soliciting donations for an animal shelter might use only black and white to emphasize the story being told and to evoke emotion.

If all this seems like a hard choice to make, a good starting point can be looking at the color schemes used by other companies in your industry. This information can help you see where you might be aligning with existing trends and where you are creating a contrast between your brand and your competitors. But there is no definite right or wrong answer. It is all about being intentional with your color choices.