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The Success of Planned Parenthood’s Brand Personality & Positioning

As public health marketers, our goal is to position our organization as a trusted source of information and care. Planned Parenthood is a great example of an organization that has been able to cement itself in the public mind as a trusted source of information and healthcare. Planned Parenthood has been successful in using its brand elements to convey its personality and position itself.


The personality of any brand is important, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like reproductive health. Planned Parenthood finds its success in down-to-earth and reliable messaging that engages viewers. By using approachable imagery and artwork, Planned Parenthood is able to discuss serious and sensitive topics without losing its audience.


Many non-profits are funded in part by public donations. This makes it that much more important to ensure that their positioning is effective. Planned Parenthood’s motto of “Care, no matter what” helps it to position itself as a trusted source of healthcare that is accessible to anyone in the community.

Personality and positioning must be in alignment with a brand’s other elements to support long-term success. Planned Parenthood has been successful in developing brand elements that match its personality and position. Strong branding is necessary for your non-profit to be seen as trusted and responsible.