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Smartphones Impact on Public Health Behavior

As public health marketers, it is our goal to encourage healthy habits and the utilization of public services in our communities. The rise of smartphones has impacted the way people see their health and how they search for information. Smartphones and apps allow healthcare agencies to directly link with community members to better answer questions and meet their needs.

Mobile Apps

Many healthcare agencies now have their own mobile apps for users to go in and find information, ask questions, and be connected with services. This direct connection with the community builds respect and trust, making your organization a reliable source of information. Getting the correct information to the public in an efficient manner can help alleviate confusion and increase the utilization of services.

Smartphones and apps have a direct impact on the decision-making process for individuals. It is often the first place people will look for information and recommendations. Utilizing smartphone technology can assist healthcare agencies in reaching and serving their communities.