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Presenting Data to Public

As public health marketers, we often need to convey information to audiences that may not share our level of enthusiasm for the subject as we do, and therefore we need to bridge the gap by presenting key points quickly and clearly.  

When presenting information, it is important to try and meet your audience at their level of understanding. Keep jargon and industry terms to a minimum. Instead, use plain and simple terminology to connect the information to your audience’s life and lived experiences.

When giving presentations, be sure to include visuals and graphics to illustrate the key points and objectives. These visuals will likely be the most memorable part of your presentation. To keep audiences engaged, you can also try polling the room about a specific insight and compare and comparing the results to the data sample.

Above all, respect your audience’s time and keep your delivery tight. After a certain point, information is no longer being absorbed and retained, so you have to curate the data you present  to ensure it is relevant and essential.

When applied correctly, these strategies will improve your presentations and help your audience remember and connect with your message.

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