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Keywords in Public Health Marketing

As public health marketers, it is important that we get the correct information out to the public in the most efficient way possible. Many people turn to search engines to find the answers to their health inquires. Using the right keywords for your page can help to expand your reach organically and disseminate important information more quickly.

Keyword Searches

The set of keywords selected for a given webpage is one of the main factors that determine where your page will show up in search results. To ensure your page is ranked near the top of relevant searches, it is helpful to include keywords naturally throughout the page. Keyword searches do not discriminate between truthful and misleading sites, so it is important to be one of the first pages a user sees.

Know Your Audience

Not everyone knows the exact medical or scientific terms for things that they have questions about. Even if they don’t know technical terminology, you still want users to see your site and to get the correct information. Make sure that search words include colloquialisms and common names to ensure results are shown and your audience is not limited.  

Making sure you have good keywords can help your page be seen in search results and help users find information. Knowing your audience and what keywords they would use is also important. An effective strategy will organically include a range of keywords throughout your content in order to prioritize your site in searches while also reaching a broad and varied audience.

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