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Increasing Social Media Engagement with Closed Captions

As marketing professionals, a core element of building an effective marketing campaign for is finding those small changes that can help your project have maximum impact. For example, with the recent movement on social media platforms from text-based to video-based content, we need to find ways to increase views and to encourage viewers to watch the video until the end. But most of today’s market uses a mobile device to access their social media accounts, and they casually scroll through the content, often while waiting in line at the store. In this public context, most users mute their devices, so it is critical that video content include subtitles to maintain the viewers attention.

Content Accessibility

Providing closed captions or subtitles to content not only increases the likelihood of an individual watching a clip in full, it will also make your content accessible to the hard of hearing and deaf individuals. As it stands many people in the deaf community feel underrepresented in social media platforms, in particular on Instagram.

Communicating Values

The simple addition of captions to your social media posts will not only increase viewership, it will also signal to the greater community that your brand values inclusiveness. Today consumers expect that organizations to value diversity and inclusion and by making your video content more accessible your organization proves this.

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