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Importance of the B2B Supply Chain

As marketers, it can be easy to overlook an organization’s B2B supply chain. This however is a mistake, the B2B supply chain is a necessary component to every organization.  As marketers we must put more emphasis on our B2B supply chains to ensure our organizations are able to avoid delays and losses.


As noted above, B2B sales are where the majority of transactions occur. In fact, global supply chains have increased in both length and complexity over the past decade. A single item may have components produced and assembled in multiple countries, and a single delay can greatly impact production. Therefore, marketers must work to ensure diversity and resilience in their supply chains to minimize loss due to delays.

Impact on Healthcare

The global health supply chain was greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. As ports and countries shut down, it became nearly impossible to obtain the necessary supplies for providers to stay safe. Obtaining appropriate PPE, once an afterthought for providers, is now the top concern for hospitals around the country highlighting the importance of B2B supply chains.

As global supply chains become more complex, it is our job as marketers to ensure that our products are getting out. A delay for a single component can create massive losses and delays. No matter the industry, B2B supply chains serve critical functions in providing us with the goods that we need.

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