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Digital and Traditional Media

The media landscape has evolved into two segments: ‘traditional’ and ‘digital’. Each with their own set of pros and cons that marketers must consider.

Digital media is very dynamic, allowing marketers to adapt quickly as situations and environments change. It also allows marketers to develop specific campaigns for each of their target segments at a low cost. Digital media, however, may not reach certain audiences due to technological and user capabilities.

Traditional media is far more permanent. Once a campaign is developed, it is harder to adjust. Traditional campaigns must be appealing to a broad variety of audiences due to their public placement. However, traditional media is excellent at maintaining brand awareness across many audience segments.

Both traditional and digital media campaigns have their advantages. Marketers need to consider the pros and cons of each and select the right balance for their own campaigns, whether it is primarily a dynamic, targeted, digital campaign for a highly-online audience, a more steady and reliable traditional campaign for a broader audience, or an effective mix of the two.

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