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Brand Image and Representation

I am currently working with a podiatrist in North Miami who is looking to rebrand and expand his practice. As we start the rebranding process a key factor to consider is brand equity. Since I am working with a medical professional, his potential patients must see his brand as not only professional but also as trustworthy and compassionate. When I assessed the current brand, it appeared to be rather generic: nothing is terrible, but nothing is memorable. There is very little that separates him from other podiatrists in the area.

One of the easiest ways to improve his brand equity is to focus on the brand image. Almost all of the imagery used on the website/blog/SM posts are of white individuals. This is unrepresentative of the North Miami community which is 60% black (2010 US Census). Additionally, the Associated Skin Care Professionals website notes that this under-representation of POC individuals can lead to delayed treatment and misdiagnosis. So, by diversifying the imagery his brand could stand out from the competition while also providing necessary information to the community, all while increasing the brand’s equity.

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