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Analytics in Marketing

Analytics in marketing can help you determine if your organization is on track to meet its goals.  Looking at website metrics like click-through rates, exit pages, and scroll depth can inform your messaging and design. For example, if you owned a yoga studio, you would likely want to increase your class attendance. To support this goal, you might look at the click-through rates for ads to ensure that people are reaching your site. You could also look for click-through rates to see whether they’re getting to the page where they actually pay for classes. If that click-through rate was too low, you would want to change the design of the ads or website. One easy change would be to make the sign-up button more prominent. This visual change might improve click-through rates simply by letting people see where they need to go more clearly.

Another useful analytic in this case would be exit rates for the different sections of the website. This could help to identify places where customers were getting lost or where they were not finding appealing information. This would be useful in targeting a website redesign toward the greatest pain points for customers. In this way, analytics can help businesses make informed marketing choices. Analytics can help your business grow and adapt, but only if you use them well.

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